Sunday, October 19, 2008

InventionHome launches a FREE MarketPlace to help inventors with innovative products

I am very happy to share that InventionHome has launched the first of its kind, FREE online marketplace for helping inventors and small companies with innovative products available for wholesale, license or acquisition.

The purpose of is to help inventors and small companies find retail or wholesale buyers for their products, which is one of the most difficult steps in commercializing a product. In addition, the site offers a centralized resource for companies looking for new, innovative products. Companies can list as many products as they wish, free and the site utilizes a very proactive and interactive approach to marketing products.

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Weekly Invention by - Critter Litter

This week's featured invention is "Critter Litter", which was invented by Barbara McNew. Barbara’s innovative product was designed to simplify the dreaded task of cleaning cat litter boxes. Barb has an issued US Utility patent on her invention. The Critter Litter is a collapsible, disposable litter box, which allows for an improved way to change a litter box without the scooping, heavy bags or ambient odors associated with traditional litter boxes.

This innovative product offers many benefits to the cat owner such as; a convenient and easy means for dealing with cat litter boxes, 100% biodegradable, eliminates retention of odors, no more scooping litter or heavy bags, no more plastic trays, portable unit fits today's busy lifestyles, collapses for convenient storage and disposal after use and offered in various designs to fit different tastes and holiday themes.

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InventionHome offers a low cost, low risk solution for helping inventors through the invention process. They have created a simple and streamlined process for connecting inventors with manufacturers for the purpose of licensing inventions for royalties. For help with your invention, request information at -